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The most Hilarious Prank Call

Do you ever being call by any telemarketer that say you are lucky and winning some free price. Don’t be a fool by their sweet words and in the end you end up buying some of their products. Now we are going to prank some telemarketer that always bother us. //

Samurai Showdown Katana Special

This person is a had trained the art of samurai sword and had mastered the skill of the katana to the limit. Using his superb sense and skill he can cut of the katami mate,ball,fruit and others object with magnificent speed.

Game:Online Games Metal Slug

Tag: new metal slug game,online games metal slug,metal slug 3d,metal slug online game,play metal slug online,metal slug games,slug metal game,metal slug flash METAL SLUG SPECIAL GAME DESCRIPTION: This is an awesome “Metal Slug” clone, shooting game, where you’ve to infiltrate into the enemy territory and shoot down all the hostile guards that come along your… Read More »

Shocking and Scary Japan TV News Compilation

Shocking and Scary Japan TV News Compilation This is a compilation that been made from various of incident and some did not suitable to be viewed by children and youngsters. This video show us some of car incident, nature disaster and lots more.

Watch this before you going to give up

Nick Vujicic is a man that have no leg and hands. He talks about how he changed from a man with no limbs to a man with no limits. Very inspirational and really motivated. We should realize that if a man like Nick Vujicic did not give up his life and still living his life… Read More »

Game: Puzzle Bobble

Play Puzzle Booble Game Now Game Description: Shoot and make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to clear the field! Game Controls: Arrow key left = move left Arrow key right = move right Arrow key up = shoot

Game: Pokemon Breakdown

Play Pokemon Breakdown Puzzle Game Now Description: This game of pokemon is really fun and easy to play. Just click at the same colour and clear the brick to see the pokemon picture behind the brick.

Cat: Abyssinian Cat Breed

Tag: Abyssinian Cat Breed photo and picture, Abyssinian Cat information, Abyssinian Cat review and from,Abyssinian Cat looks an gallery, funny cute Abyssinian Cat video, the history and character of the Abyssinian cat Abyssinian Cat History and Origin Abyssinian cat originally came from Egypt. This cat also been known as Ethiopian Cat and Algerian Cat where… Read More »

Game: Governer of Poker

Play Governer of Poker Now This 3d poker style will give you the ultimate gambling experience through an adventure of a life time. Take your time and build your own properties and travel to more than 10 area for gambling. I think my friend joe really like this type of game.