Monthly Archives: November 2009

Game : Catch Dash(The Incredible)

Play Catch Dash Game Ever watch the movie of The Incredible….so here is the chance for you to try to catch Mr.Incredible son Dash….catch him using your mouse and if let him running to long he will became more faster

Game : Gladiator

Play free gladiator flash game An exciting game where you are playing as a gladiator that fight in the ring of colloseum… To kill use spacebar key and use up arrow to avoid enemy. Use left and right arrow to walk around.

Fighting Game: 3dknockout boxing

Punch and box till your death…just use your mouse to punch your opponent at their head or body…Quite a fun fighting game to play 3dknockout boxing

Cutey Girl Dancing In Japanese Costume..

Cutey Girl Dancing In Japanese Costume.. This unknown cute girl show her dance that promote the japanese mint or chewing gum commercial in youtube. What the hell 400,000 views just in 4 days. Thats a lot and really astonishing…This cutey dance is really funny and make me laugh because of the way she dance. I… Read More »


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