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Tonton RTM Tv1 Online Streaming

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-TV1 Malaysia (Live) Streaming
Tonton siaran RTM1 atau TV1 Malaysia secara online hanya YAzidaneFantasy.Com

Tonton RTM Tv1 Online Streaming

Tonton RTM Tv1 Online Streaming-TV1 is a Malaysian public television channel owned and operated by Radio Televisyen Malaysia. Launched on 28 December 1963, TV1 is the first and oldest TV station in Malaysia. Currently, TV1 broadcasts 24 hours a day from August 21, 2012 onwards.

Tonton RTM Tv1 Online Streaming

Tonton RTM Tv1 Online Streaming

Between 1972 and 1994, TV1 shared time with TV Pendidikan (Education TV) in the daytime on weekdays, this was cancelled after TV1 introduced daytime transmissions in 1994. TV2 continued the TV Pendidikan until 1999.

TV1 broadcasts on VHF channel 5 and UHF channel 46 in Kuala Lumpur, but only the UHF signal could receive in the suburbs.
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We all have friends. There was much talk of friendship. Everyone wants a true friend, and many of us believe we have a friend who can be called a true friend. What kind of relationships that friends share? When can we call a friend a true friend, and when can our friends take us as your true friend. After a romantic relationship, friendships are the most important relationships we can have. While we all have family and extended family, most of us rely on friends for advice, consolation and inspiration. How do you define a relationship that can be called as one of true friendship?

The first sign of a good friend, not necessarily a true friend is that we are not worried about courtesies. You call your friend at any hour and talk without thinking of the time in his mind. Similarly, whenever you need support, you call a very good friend and ask him to help out. They expect the same from you. Another important feature of these relationships is that they are much more concerned about exposure of ourselves. We talked about everything in our mind, without worrying about what our friends think. We are confident that he will talk in the spirit it was made. We are unguarded and open with friends in our conversation.

A true friend is a little more than a very good friend. A true friend will support you, even if it hurts its own interest. A true friend understands their motives and needs, and will be with you without any analysis or criticism. A true friend will come to help without any request and be with us in need without showing anything in return. With a true friend, you can be sure that will help as much as possible for him / her. Nothing will remain unturned. A mother is a true friend to his children. If you share these relationships with an adult, we can say we are real friends.

A true friend has no excuse of having work or appointments or anything, but will be with you when you need him / her. In the hour of desperation, a true friend will support you, even if the whole world opposes you. A true friend is not an opportunist. A true friend is having someone who is like mother, like I said before. Instead of having hundreds of good friends, if you're a true friend, treat yourself lucky. If you too can become a true friend to someone, you will be blessed, because it is much easier for us to expect, but very difficult to give. Being a true friend yourself first.


Are you one of those people who gets along with everyone and tends to limit yourself to the limits of a social clique? Are you constantly trying to make connections with people who believe that a large outbreak would be better? Well, to make and keep friends is a lot harder than it looks, especially when you leave college and start aging. But if you have some friends, close friends to that, do they really think they are good friends?

Some people may not realize it at first, but there are a lot of friends out there that are very dysfunctional. There is often much more than meets the eye. So how do you determine if your best friend is a good friend? How can you tell if your best friend is actually his very "best friend"? It's simple. Just consider your relationship and look for warning signs. Initially, you may want to ask you this.

1. My only friend to come if I'm making dinner, with my other friends, or offering an incentive to pass the time?

2. Is my friend trying to make me feel inferior and always try to control conversations and group hang outs?

3. Is my friend in constant competition with me and often try to beat me out in our careers, clothes, appearance, or lifestyle choices?

4. My friend flirts with my boyfriend and showing signs of dishonesty or disrespect?

5. Is it a normal thing to know that your friend is bailing on you when you rely on a more girly night?

6. Have I heard of my friend behind me talking to other people or talk about the secrets that are supposed to be confidential?

7. Does it feel like my friend is pushing me to take part in activities not usually participate in, or make me feel dangerous at any time?

8. He's my friend, a good example of me and if present, in my children and friends?

9. My best friend, we often try to steal the attention from me and belittles the things that matter most to me?

10. My friend gets along well with most people?


It can really help if your partner is also your best friend. Well, not just his best friend, but without doubt one of the closest friends you have all the time they spend together. That is what I wanted the first time they met after all, a good friend and a lover.

How to convert your partner your best friend? You know a lot about this already. Just look at some of his best friend relationships to see what makes them so valuable to you. Probably there are some common things you may encounter.

An important quality of the best friends first is the lack of criticism and opinion. You do not want to spend time with her mother if she is criticizing you, your partner does not want to spend time with you if you criticize.

A second important aspect of best friends is the quality of listening. Our best friends are really listening to us. They hear what we have to say. They make us feel heard and understood.

Take a moment and look at their relationship. How is listening between the two? Do you feel that your lover you drink? Do you feel that make you feel understood?

Another aspect of the best friendship is the opposite of the previous one. Talking instead of listening. With my best friends, we talk about deeper things. We can share our problems have not worked. Best friends tend to say what is really happening to us.

And we can talk about dreams and hopes and desires with our best friends. If we are thinking how nice it would be to start singing in local karaoke bar, you could say about him and support rather than ridicule us.

Work in these areas in your relationship and you can turn your lover on more than one best friend. Be a better friend to be more tolerant and do less to criticize. Drink mate regularly and make you feel truly heard and understood. Share your hopes and dreams with others.

Working on these things can have a certain discipline, but will pay off in a stronger relationship, the kind that can only have one best friend.

Importance of a friend for over relations

Having best friends has been identified as important in society because of the need to make connections with other people on deeper levels. Understanding this importance provides a good motivation to learn communication skills to develop strong friendships.

When something goes wrong in your life, you can turn to a best friend in the first place to clear things up again. No matter what is happening, a best friend becomes important because of its ability to reach you on levels that others have not.

According to many psychologists, has said that his best friend is someone who can help with behavior and personality development. Concretely, this means that those who were able to connect to others are often benefit on several levels.

The first benefit is in the ways of speaking with friends of what happens. The answer is often an expression or mutual respect. The overall capacity of individuals are a creation of the understanding of behavior and personal needs, allowing each person to grow and develop new levels of importance.

You literally win friends to influence people

At the lowest level of understanding, a best friend is the requirement that the majority is defined by friendship. This means there is a mutual exchange of doing things for others. However, it is less understanding of interpersonal interactions between two individuals. The importance of a best friend moves beyond this commitment of support and the need to do things for the other person.

For those who understand that life is not perfect, a best friend can often be helpful in balancing situations. Typically, a best friend, do not be afraid to jump in the hazard zone to drop or raise the other person back to their feet and take them to the area in need. When you define a best friend, this particular job description to take back the "other person" means automatically as part of the partnership is being built.

To be a best friend, or to define a best friend, it is important to understand what is needed and what to do in the relationship. Normally, it is said that best friends are not in words but also actions that demonstrate the intent of the person. Best friends are then not defined by need for this definition, but by demonstrating loyalty, positive regard, honesty, and support.


Being in a romantic relationship can be complicated. With all the expectations and conditions associated with it can be quite stressful and exhausting. I have always believed that one of the main reasons why relationships end is because of the disappointments. Sometimes lovers keep quiet about their expectations for her lover, why, I do not know exactly, but some are silent about their expectations for their loved ones to avoid harm, to avoid becoming a stressor to her lover, and some to test the measure of love, affection and sacrifice your partner has to offer to the relationship.

The thing is that expectations of silence leads to disappointment in silence. And disappointment in silence may be due to a lot of issues. Disappointments can sometimes lead to loss of interest, loss of respect, loss of confidence and in the worst disappointment can lead to feelings of revenge. The fundamental cause of most of infidelity is the yawning disappointment is why if you want to stay away from issues of infidelity, you have to leave the game in silence and expectation of it being vocal. Like friends do. Friends tell each other about what they expect from each other, which can reach what is expected of them or not, that's fine as long as you're being candid.

Be bestfriends can help you relax. Bestfriends can be opened to help her lover without scruples and inhibitions. Bestfriends can be both a chance to see if we can achieve what is expected of you or not. They become friends of friends due to unconditional acceptance, without many rules. If you have this in your relationship then there would be fewer and more pressures and demands of commitment and acceptance. Here are some ways to develop friendship in the relationship. Have confidence in your partner and yourself. In bestfriends have to trust yourself and the object of his affection that he or she will like you.

If not, then you come to a compromise. On being friends and lovers of all at the same time, you have to be simple enough to tell your loved one what are the things you expect of him or her. This will at least give the opportunity to express their ability if he or she can meet their expectations. This will avoid errors of communication and new disappointments. On being friends and lovers of all at the same time, you must learn to have fun together and develop a healthy sense of humor. Instead of being serious about the flaws and imperfections in your partner laugh about it, there are some things you just have to accept.

Unless, of course, is becoming a big problem in their relationship. Learn the art of sound criticism and conflict resolution. Be bestfriends and lovers also means having a balance and harmony to support and tolerate each other. Support for things that are beneficial to the welfare of their partner and the relationship, while prohibiting the things that ultimately can damage or destroy. Being bestfriends is all the respect. I think if you live alone in romance, their relationship will not last. Couples must learn not only for the unconditional love one another, but must learn to like each other as good friends.

Because in the end, is the company that matters.

The Friend Crush: Is this love or friendship

He is your friend. She's your best confidant. She has known for a few years and have shared meals, movies, hobbies and vacations. Entrusted to each other about their love interest and turned to each other for support when the relationship (s) failed. You can not imagine life without your good friend.

But for a while ….

You felt jealous of his dates. You have been too protective of her since she has been seeing the jerk. You've had
very strong feelings of attraction and desire for something more than friendship. Could it be that her feelings for him / her have become something more? If so, their relationship would have become crush a "friend".

You do not know what to do. You know you want to continue spending time together longer. But it is getting hard. You dream about having more with this person and are starting to feel like a jealous would-be partner. Do you have what it seeks is the same? You begin to distance themselves from their feelings, hopes to return to the way they were? Do you actually speak directly and honestly with your friend about how you feel?

What happens to the relationship if you make the wrong choice?

Like all people are unique, so are the characteristics of their relationships with others. There is no one size fits all answer to this increasingly common dilemma. So let's look at your options. You can:

* Ignore your feelings, keep your boundaries in check and pretend everything is status quo

To choose this option, you must be able to deny their feelings so well that even you do not know what they are. You also need to remain comfortable on the sidelines while someone else has the relationship with this person you want. Most likely be asked what you think of this or that person is expected to be happy and supportive of his friend when they meet the right someone for them. In return for all this, you still have your friend.

* Begin to spend less time with your friend (Crush), while the search for new friendships to pursue and strengthen the

This option would most likely cause of the confusion and pain in his friend who wonder what happened. You can understand and accept their need to spread their wings and support you in doing what you need to do. Either way, you will see fewer of them and your relationship can weaken and perhaps disappear as they move in with new people. If you can get away for a while and no longer feel the romantic butterflies, you always can give them a call and may be able to pick up somewhere near where you left off.

* Continue the relationship with their own hidden agendas – a desire for romantic intimacy and the hope that the person will notice that they feel the same way

If they get involved with someone else, meanwhile, can work to sabotage her new relationship or you can leave them wondering where all your anger and hurt feelings are coming from. You can spend much time and energy in managing this way, with nothing to show for their efforts, but the loss of a good friend.

* Have an open and honest with your friend about his new feelings for them

That option seems to be the most difficult for people to do. Often what I hear from people in this position is that the fear of "ruining the friendship" if talking about their feelings honestly. While this is a very understandable concern, it is well thought out. It is emotional, not rational. Look again at the other options. Each one will bring a change in your current friendship.


Once your feelings have changed, so does the relationship.Ignoring them, hiding them or diminish their closeness and distance the positive dynamics that flow between good friends. You can not go back. You must decide how best to go ahead or whether it is an option for you. . It is also possible in choosing this option you will learn that they have similar feelings to those who were afraid to reveal. Therefore, choosing this option could lead to romance and a love relationship based on true friendship.

The intimacy that exists in all intimate relationships. It is the ability to be completely open and vulnerable to another without fear of damage or rejection. So, by definition, can not be intimate with another while hiding or denying our true feelings and needs them.

The choice is yours forever. Choose wisely this is really knowing the options, the consequences they bring and what will be best for you and your friend.