40+ Photoshop Tutorial Most Wanted

here are many Photoshop tutorial all over the internet that shows how to this and how to do that. So many style and method can be use to make an animation or effect in Photoshop. What you need is creativity and a basic knowledge of the tools use in Adobe Photoshop.

Here I will list out my 40 favourite photoshop tutorial ever to share will all yazidane fantasy visitors. This is my ultimate photoshop tutorial and guide ever.

1. How to use Layer Comps to Create Animation in Photoshop

This youtube video tutorial which explains to you how to use Layer settings along with the animation palette in Adobe Photoshop. This is really helpful and useful for me.

2. Glittering Menu

Lets learn this beautiful  glitter menu effect that is very interesting to make.


3. Photoshop Tutorial Basic Animation

In this video tutorial we will be learning about the Basic Animation Using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Imageready.

Basic Animation Tutorial

4. Drawing an animated heart animation

Like to make your love bloom. Try this animated heart tutorial that show you to create your own lovely beating heart.

5. Seamless Falling Objects with Depth Effect

This tutorial will explains how to make falling objects that will work as seamless backgrounds and have objects falling at different. paces.

6. Tutorial On AJAX-Style Animated Loading GIF

Here you wll learn how to make an animated GIF animation  that can be shown when a process is pending to let the user know that it’s loading or doing something.

7. Animating in PhotoShop

The newest version of Adobe Photoshop has ImageReady features built-in, so you can animate your Adobe Photoshop file without exporting the file  to an external application for editing.

8. Celeb morphing into a devil animation

Learn how to make a tweening animation technique in Photoshop to morph the face into another image.

9. How to Create GIF Animations

This tutorial on making animated GIF animation is really good and help me a lot in understanding the fundamental of GIF animation in Photoshop. Really good tutorial.

10. Animated Blur Text Transition

In this video tutorial you will learn to create an awesome animated transition effect in photoshop.

11. Basic Animation in Photoshop

This video tutorial will help you learn some pretty basic techniques, but at the same time very cool.

12. Animated Interface

Learn how to make animated interface in Photoshop.

13. Creating a Sale Tag Photoshop Special Effect

Learn to make your bargain sale tag.

14. Ripple Effect

Ripple effect is useful if you are going to make animation on water or ocean. This easy tutorial will show you how to create a ripple effect by using the liquidfy transformation tools.

15. Making Search icon or scanning animation

Ever watch your antivirus scanning animation. So you also can do the same thing and design you own scanning or searching animation.

16. Creatng a GIF animation from a video.

Learn how to convert video to animated GIF picture.

17. Animated Walkcycle with Sunshine Sally

In this interesting video tutorial we will be learning how to create a simple animated walkcycle.

18.  Making Digital human walking animation.

I usually see this animation use in forum and don’t know how to do it. This tutorial will show you how to use Adobe Image Ready to make animation effect like this.

19. Abstract Shine Animation with Photoshop and ImageReady

Quite an advanced tutorial that need the use of Layer Mask, Pen Tool,  and Tween (ImageReady). The effect that created is really beautiful and can be implemented into others design that you are going to do.

20. Making speaker vibrate as hell

Learn how to add a vibration effect to your speaker picture or animation.

21. Creating falling snow to be attach to an image

This tutorial will guide you on how to create an animated Christmas snow on your design.

22. Animated bug walking all over the world

A tutorial on how to make animated bugs walking all over the image.

23. Making An Earthquake Animation Image

There is simple way to make your image looks like an earthquake. Follow the step by step tutorial provided  and learn from the best.

24. Photoshop Melt Text Effect

Want to make a melting text. Here you will learn how to create the meting text effect in your design.

25. Image moving light over the image

Learn how to create an animated light that changes places all over teh image.

26. Making Bubble Float Effect in Photoshop

Tutorial about making bubble float effect.

27. Tutorial on making animated web banner.

Learn how to create web site banner or ads.

28. Make MonaLisa Blink or Wink!

Tutorial on making the eyes blink or wink lie the picture below.

29.  Bomb explosion tutorial

Learn to make animated bomb exploxion using Adobe Photoshop.

30.Make Photosshop Photo Retouch Animation

This tutorial is about Photoshop Photo Retouch Animation.

31. Disco Effect

Like to make a disco light effect. This tutorial will show you how to make your own disco effect without entering any pubs nearby.

32.  Photoshop animated digital clock

This tutorial will show you the best way tomake your own  digital clock animation.

33. Making marketing graph animation in Photoshop

Make this animation without the use of flash.

34. Making Butterfly Animation

This is a video tutorial on how to create realistic butterfly animation by using a single butterfly photo.

35. Making download meter effect in Photoshop

Tutorial on how to make a download meter effect in Photoshop.

36. Photoshop animation wedding invitaion

Would like to create your own wedding invitation card or design one for your client. Here is a good tutorial on making your wedding invitation card animation by using Photoshop.

37. Burning text effect

In this tutorial you will learning on  how to make a a burning text effect in Adobe Photoshop.

38.  How to create a Vintage Film Style Video Using Photoshop CS3 Extended

39. Making Rolling Snooker Ball

Roll the ball in the snooker table tutorial.

40. Jewelry shining gem box animation

Lets learn how to make a our own shining gem box animation in photoshop.

41. Making Animated paper printing effect

This tutorial will show us on how to create paper printing out effect.

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