By | February 10, 2010

Being in a romantic relationship can be complicated. With all the expectations and conditions associated with it can be quite stressful and exhausting. I have always believed that one of the main reasons why relationships end is because of the disappointments. Sometimes lovers keep quiet about their expectations for her lover, why, I do not know exactly, but some are silent about their expectations for their loved ones to avoid harm, to avoid becoming a stressor to her lover, and some to test the measure of love, affection and sacrifice your partner has to offer to the relationship.

The thing is that expectations of silence leads to disappointment in silence. And disappointment in silence may be due to a lot of issues. Disappointments can sometimes lead to loss of interest, loss of respect, loss of confidence and in the worst disappointment can lead to feelings of revenge. The fundamental cause of most of infidelity is the yawning disappointment is why if you want to stay away from issues of infidelity, you have to leave the game in silence and expectation of it being vocal. Like friends do. Friends tell each other about what they expect from each other, which can reach what is expected of them or not, that's fine as long as you're being candid.

Be bestfriends can help you relax. Bestfriends can be opened to help her lover without scruples and inhibitions. Bestfriends can be both a chance to see if we can achieve what is expected of you or not. They become friends of friends due to unconditional acceptance, without many rules. If you have this in your relationship then there would be fewer and more pressures and demands of commitment and acceptance. Here are some ways to develop friendship in the relationship. Have confidence in your partner and yourself. In bestfriends have to trust yourself and the object of his affection that he or she will like you.

If not, then you come to a compromise. On being friends and lovers of all at the same time, you have to be simple enough to tell your loved one what are the things you expect of him or her. This will at least give the opportunity to express their ability if he or she can meet their expectations. This will avoid errors of communication and new disappointments. On being friends and lovers of all at the same time, you must learn to have fun together and develop a healthy sense of humor. Instead of being serious about the flaws and imperfections in your partner laugh about it, there are some things you just have to accept.

Unless, of course, is becoming a big problem in their relationship. Learn the art of sound criticism and conflict resolution. Be bestfriends and lovers also means having a balance and harmony to support and tolerate each other. Support for things that are beneficial to the welfare of their partner and the relationship, while prohibiting the things that ultimately can damage or destroy. Being bestfriends is all the respect. I think if you live alone in romance, their relationship will not last. Couples must learn not only for the unconditional love one another, but must learn to like each other as good friends.

Because in the end, is the company that matters.



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