Designer furniture for cat-lovers

By | November 14, 2012


Cats are elegant, simple and no-fuss pets. They want elegant, simple and no-fuss cat furniture just as much as their cat-loving owners. Check out these modern pieces to please the feline in all of us.

If you’re a cat person, you already know that they’re just as loving and loyal as “man’s best friend,” but other than the litter box, they’re way less work! As an extra bonus, there are plenty of cat accessories, from scratching posts to fun furniture to accommodate felines and humans alike, that look as amazing as they are functional.

RONDO Stand Crochet Cat Stand

This contemporary design will let you throw out that ratty-looking cat tree and let your enigmatic friend climb and relax in style. Your kitty can whet and sharpen her claws to perfection thanks to extra “scratch-wrapping.” If your baby likes lots of climb play, set several side-by-side.

Calypso Cat Scratcher

Tired of those ’70s-looking rug scratching posts? Try this cat scratcher from Calypso. Made of durable sisal yarn wrapped around a durable wire frame, the cleverly twisted design makes it just as decorative as it is functional. Cat Tunnel Sofa

Is your sofa a bit worse for wear thanks to your cat’s constant need to explore? Check out this sofa by Korean designer Seungi Mun that blends modern design with a fun tube for hours of feline fun. The design, currently a conceptual piece, is perfect for the owners of younger cats that love to explore. (Seungi Mun, coming soon)

Bambu Pet Furniture from Pet Lounge Studios

Pet Lounge Studios specializes in “the humanization of pets thru design.” Founder Corey Drew began his career as a designer for one of the largest manufacturers in the world, where he realized there was a need for well-designed pet furniture. Now, his company creates some of the most distinctive pet beds, loungers and other pet accessories in the world. His hammock designs (shown) are great for cats and small dogs.

Contemporary Cat Castle

Give your little kitty the fairy tail castle of her dreams. This contemporary cat tower comes in two sizes, both of which are dreamy little homes for your little gal. The artsy design is the perfect feminine touch and both sizes include multiple levels for climbing and perching.

Hepper Itch Cat Scratcher

This elegant (adjustable) scratcher has the perfect arc for every cat’s preferences, but looks like “people furniture” so it always looks beautiful in your home. In addition to being a great scratching surface, some kitties may even enjoy lounging on it.



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