End Of Watch Mkv Hd Movie Download

End Of Watch Mkv Hd Movie Download

End Of Watch Mkv Hd Movie Download-Academy Award nominee Jake Gyllenhaa and Michael Pena star as young Los Angeles police officers Taylor and Zavala as they patrol the city’s meanest streets of south central Los Angeles. Giving the story a gripping, first-person immediacy, the action unfolds through footage from the handheld HD cameras of the police officers, gang members, surveillance cameras, and citizens caught in the line of fire to create a riveting portrait of the city’s most dangerous corners, the cops who risk their lives there every day, and the price they and their families are forced to pay

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The film opens with a high speed police chase and shooting in South Central Los Angeles. The officers involved, Brian Taylor and Miguel Zavala, are close friends and partners in the LAPD. Taylor, a former U.S. Marine, is filming their police activities for a film project, much to his fellow officers’ chagrin.

Later, the officers respond to a public disturbance call. The culprit, a black man named Tre, hurls racist insults at the Hispanic Zavala, who responds by accepting a fight, to Taylor’s approval. Zavala beats and arrests him, but wins the man’s respect for not mentioning the fight in his report. Later that night, Tre and his friends are attacked by a group of Latino (sureño) gang members and one of his friends is killed. The next day, the officers find a burnt vehicle used in the drive-by. They are shooed off the scene by homicide detectives. The officers respond to a missing children call, only to find them duct-taped in a closet. Taylor begins dating Janet. Taylor has a hunch and decides to scope out the home of the mother of a known gang member. The officers follow and pull over a truck that leaves the house – the driver draws a gun and is arrested. Inside the truck they find ornately-decorated firearms and a large amount of money.

Days later, the two officers rescue some children from a house fire, but barely come out alive. The two are commended and receive the Medal of Valor. Using the house fire incident as leverage, Taylor convinces Zavala to further investigate the South Central incident. At the house, they arrest another man, who is also in possession of several ornate firearms, and is guarding a cell full of human trafficking victims. Suddenly, ICE agents arrive and take over the scene. One agent informs Taylor and Zavala that the house is tied to the cartels, and strongly urges them to “lay low” due to possible reprisals.

Zavala’s wife Gabby gives birth to the couple’s first child. One night, the two receive an ‘officer needs help’ call from Sook, Van Hauser’s probationary partner. Urgently responding to the call, the two find Van Hauser on the ground, alive but with a knife through his eye. He points them to a nearby alley, where they find Sook being savagely beaten. Taylor chooses to arrest the attacker instead of killing him. As the victims are carried away by ambulance, the officers discover that Van Hauser is not returning to patrol, and Sook is leaving the force.

Taylor marries Janet. At the wedding, Taylor and Zavala’s boss, “Sarge”, drunkenly recounts a story to two Marines about his dead partner, who took a bullet to save him. Afterward, Zavala tells Taylor that, should anything happen to him, he will take care of Janet. The next day, the officers perform a welfare check on an elderly woman at request of her daughter. After receiving no response at the door, the officers break in and discover drugs, dismembered corpses and a message from the cartel.

Elsewhere, ICE records surveillance footage of a cartel member putting a kill order on the officers. The gangsters from the earlier drive-by begin plotting their assassination. Out of respect, Tre warns Taylor and Zavala of rumors that they are now hot targets for the cartel, but they disregard his comments.

Janet becomes pregnant shortly after the marriage. One night, the officers chase a reckless driver into an apartment complex, where they are ambushed by the same group of Latino (sureño) gang members. Taylor is shot in the hand, and his radio is destroyed. Taking refuge in an apartment, Taylor decides that they are going to have to gun their way out. The two fight their way into an alley, where they are fired upon again. Taylor is shot in the chest and appears to die. As Zavala desperately attends to his partner, the assassins arrive and shoot him several times in the back, killing him. Backup eventually arrives and the gangsters are also killed after refusing to surrender.

At the police funeral, it is revealed Taylor survived, because Zavala’s body had shielded him from the gangsters’ gunfire. He tries to deliver a eulogy, but only manages a few words: “He was my brother”.

The last scene shows the two officers on the day of the shooting, where Zavala tells a funny story where when he was younger, he was about to be intimate with Gabby but her parents unexpectedly came home. He had to hide under her parents’ bed and listen to them have sex.

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End Of Watch Mkv Hd Movie Download

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