Making your website More Trustworthy

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Tips to make your website more trustworthy

If you are deciding to make your own commercial or e-commerce website maybe you need to consider to make your website trustworthy for your visitors. A trustworthy website will make your visitors return and feel safe when touring your website. A trustworthy website can convince potential visitors to became your customer and then buy something in your website.

 Many ways to make your website more trustworthy for your visitors

1.  Add your contact information or company address.
Any e-commerce  or web-based businesses that sell services or products need to include your contact information and company address. This to give interaction between your business with your customers.

2. Professional Web Design
Any web site that’s look like armature and clumsy looks will drive away your visitors immediately. If  you are not a web designer and don’t have the knowledge to create a professional web design for your website I think you need to hire a professional designer for it. Make sure the cost you invest is worth for your return.

3. Give Sufficient Content Related to Your Product.
When selling a product or service, make sure to give sufficient content describing your product and services. The best way to give your visitors sufficient is by creating a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page in your website.

4. Secure Pages
If your website request the customers to fill in some confidential information like home address and phone numbers maybe you need to protect the information via SSl encryption. So what is SSL?? SSL is Secure Socket Layer use to encrypt information transmit between your customer and the website, making sure there is no interruption done by third party between the information transaction or transmission. For adding SSL to your website, you need to buy and install an SSL certificate, and submit forms to urls that begin with the https prefix.

5. Testimonials and Product Sample.
Don’t forget to add testimonial that been submitted by your client and customers. A testimonial can build trust between you and your customers. Don’t try to make fake testimony because if your visitors found about it, it may hurt your web site a lot. Make sure the testimonial are believable. Include sample of video sample of your product is a good way to attract customers. Consider youtube  video for your product sample.



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