Mossad and What Is It All About

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There is a request by friends with the nickname Tuah Jebat for me to write about the Israeli Intelligence Agencies that called Mossad. This is a hard topic to deal with because there are many rumors about this agencies that is expert with intelligence collection,covert operations,spying,espionage and infiltrating to others country for sabotaging and others. Mossad Covert Operations also including the paramilitary activities.

So what Mossad stand for?
The Mossad “HaMossad leModi’in uleTafkidim Meyuchadim” stand for Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations is the national intelligence agency of Israeli and the word “Mossad” is the Hebrew word for institution. The Headquarter of this jewish Intelligence is Tel Aviv and all of their personel did not ranked by military rank, although more than half the personel works in the Israeli defense Force.

Rumors says that Mossad had been consist of 8 department that responsible for different task and the biggest department is the Collections. Personel in the Collections Departmentof Mossad are responsible for espionage to all others country including United States. Most of the members do their task by fooling around by acting as diplomatic or unofficial to cover their motive.

There are also their field officer that known as katsas that are really similar to case officer of the CIA. This field officer mainly cover the European and Middle East country.

This jewish intelligent also well known by their specialty in assassination, sabotage, psychological warfare, and paramilitary operations that carried out by the Special Operation Division “Metsada”. There are others department responsible for research, technology and others unknown that not discovered yet.

Interesting parts

There had been rumors that the Israeli is responsible for 9/11 tragedy and there are cooperating with United States for their own propaganda. There had been said that there are no jewish personel that had been killed in the 9/11 incident. Some of the workers said that there had been told to vacate the building before the tower had been attacked. There are also more than 60 zionist had been captured after the incident and there are some group of israeli is partying while watching the building collapse.

There are many rumors about the Mossad activities including the killing of Hamas Military Officer and Hezbollah supreme leader.

They also had done hundreds of assassination cross border including the killing of Hussein Al Bashir in Nicosia in Cyprus, killing of  Dr. Ardeshir Hosseinpour, a scientist involved in the Iranian nuclear program and lots more assassination all over the world.

Athough our country did not have any potitical relationship there is guaranteed that we will be safe from the Mossad operation like espionage,sabotage and assassination. We must remember that our country is totally disagree with the israeli occupation on gaza and the way the US and Israel cooperation in killing palestinian.


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