By | December 31, 2009

How to Conquer low confident in ourself

Sometime for us specially myself feel shy and have no confident in myself. Maybe we are thinking that we are not a good person and have lots of weakness thats make we feel ashame to talk to others,asking something or knowing someone. This always lead to lost of confident in ourself. In this motivational videos by Dato Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah we will learn how to tackle this problem and why this happen to us.

I don’t want to lecture all of you because I’m feeling that I’m the type of person who did not have confident in myself and always shy around. I really  like if I can change myself to be a better person and make friends  with others. Proud of yourself  and enjoy this motivational video. Hope this video will help all including me. Lets improve our confident to the limit…

Tonton Video Motivasi Mengatasi Rasa Rendah Diri (Dato Dr’Fadzilah Kamsah)

Some Tips on How to overcome shyness and gaining confident

1. Try to know yourself better
2. Always pray to god
3. Get Along with positive thingking people
4. Try to know your own potency or talent
5. Appear with a new appearance
6. Try to repair your appearance
7. Control yourself and change your mindset



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