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By | October 25, 2009

Play Gunny Bunny Game Now

Game Description:
The Bunny with the Guns returns with more fire power, more agility and more mayhem…better watch out!…

Game Instructions:
This game is a one of the best 3D shooting game that I like. You will be playing as a bunny that is going berserk and would like to kill everything he can see. Our main goal in this game is to walk over the forest and shoot down all enemies robot with your sub machine-gun and take their weapons when they defeated. You will have a lots of weapons that you can choose and a various type of terrain to fight with…the game is quite fun and enjoying to play.

Aim: Mouse/look around.
Left gun fire: Left mouse button to fire from left gun.
Right gun fire: Press ‘D’ Key to fire from right gun.
Power ups: Press Spacebar for “double sight” and you’ll be able to shoot different targets with each gun.

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