By | February 10, 2010

It can really help if your partner is also your best friend. Well, not just his best friend, but without doubt one of the closest friends you have all the time they spend together. That is what I wanted the first time they met after all, a good friend and a lover.

How to convert your partner your best friend? You know a lot about this already. Just look at some of his best friend relationships to see what makes them so valuable to you. Probably there are some common things you may encounter.

An important quality of the best friends first is the lack of criticism and opinion. You do not want to spend time with her mother if she is criticizing you, your partner does not want to spend time with you if you criticize.

A second important aspect of best friends is the quality of listening. Our best friends are really listening to us. They hear what we have to say. They make us feel heard and understood.

Take a moment and look at their relationship. How is listening between the two? Do you feel that your lover you drink? Do you feel that make you feel understood?

Another aspect of the best friendship is the opposite of the previous one. Talking instead of listening. With my best friends, we talk about deeper things. We can share our problems have not worked. Best friends tend to say what is really happening to us.

And we can talk about dreams and hopes and desires with our best friends. If we are thinking how nice it would be to start singing in local karaoke bar, you could say about him and support rather than ridicule us.

Work in these areas in your relationship and you can turn your lover on more than one best friend. Be a better friend to be more tolerant and do less to criticize. Drink mate regularly and make you feel truly heard and understood. Share your hopes and dreams with others.

Working on these things can have a certain discipline, but will pay off in a stronger relationship, the kind that can only have one best friend.



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