Running Man Episode 253 Engsub

By | October 14, 2015

Short Story for this Episode

Running Man Episode 253 Engsub-It’s a water-themed episode this week where our couples will try and cool off from the summer heat. Melting their icy hearts will turn out to be a bigger challenge than any of them could have imagined, but these guys will practically do anything to get to the center and retrieve the key that will ensure them a win. What they get for actually winning on this outing is another discussion altogether.

We open on a camping trip-themed opening, where our guys finally get some r&r and joined by actor Do Sang-woo (Ex-Girlfriend Club, It’s Okay, It’s Love). There’s only one other tent in this wide field, and Sang-woo is sent over with the hyungs shouting out words of advice on how to woo their neighbors.

And even before Sang-woo “knocks,” a voice — Ji-hyo’s most likely — says they’ll be right out. Ha. Jae-suk and Gary try to show him how to oh-so-casually enter the other tent, only to be kicked by gatekeeper Ji-hyo several times. One must need an invite to a ladies’ tent dontchaknow.


Guest for this Episode Running Man Episode 253:
BESTie’s Haeryung, CLC’s Jang Ye-eun, actressesPark Ha-na (Empress Ki, Miss Korea), Hwang Seung-eon (Let’s Eat 2, Heart to Heart) and Seo Hyun-jin(Let’s Eat 2), and model Irene Kim.

Running Man Episode 253 Engsub