By | February 11, 2010

Are you one of those people who gets along with everyone and tends to limit yourself to the limits of a social clique? Are you constantly trying to make connections with people who believe that a large outbreak would be better? Well, to make and keep friends is a lot harder than it looks, especially when you leave college and start aging. But if you have some friends, close friends to that, do they really think they are good friends?

Some people may not realize it at first, but there are a lot of friends out there that are very dysfunctional. There is often much more than meets the eye. So how do you determine if your best friend is a good friend? How can you tell if your best friend is actually his very "best friend"? It's simple. Just consider your relationship and look for warning signs. Initially, you may want to ask you this.

1. My only friend to come if I'm making dinner, with my other friends, or offering an incentive to pass the time?

2. Is my friend trying to make me feel inferior and always try to control conversations and group hang outs?

3. Is my friend in constant competition with me and often try to beat me out in our careers, clothes, appearance, or lifestyle choices?

4. My friend flirts with my boyfriend and showing signs of dishonesty or disrespect?

5. Is it a normal thing to know that your friend is bailing on you when you rely on a more girly night?

6. Have I heard of my friend behind me talking to other people or talk about the secrets that are supposed to be confidential?

7. Does it feel like my friend is pushing me to take part in activities not usually participate in, or make me feel dangerous at any time?

8. He's my friend, a good example of me and if present, in my children and friends?

9. My best friend, we often try to steal the attention from me and belittles the things that matter most to me?

10. My friend gets along well with most people?



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